Webinar Series 3: Malaysian OGP Action Plan Drafting Workshop

An online workshop involving multiple organisations to be held to introduce partners to OGP commitments in Malaysia.

Sinar Project is organizing a 3-sessions Webinar on National Action Plan Commitment Drafting Sessions on 8 to 10 September 2020, to move forward in drafting the National Action Plan Commitments with focus on Freedom of Information, Open Budget, and Open Parliament.

This Webinar aims to empower lead implementing agencies/actors in developing and drafting National Action Plan Commitments to be implemented in Malaysia with guidance from Open Government Partnership.

Objectives of the Webinar:

  1. To present the draft National Action Plan Commitments led by Civil Society Organizations and how the draft commitments could be improved;
  2. To study the existing examples and best practices of National Action Plan Commitments from other countries.

RSVP: Webinar 3 Freedom Of Information 

RSVP: Webinar 3 Open Budget

RSVP: Webinar 3 Open Parliament

[Download the Concept Note & Agenda: here ]

[Download the Webinar's Outcome Report: