Open Budgets

According to the International Budget Initiative, people in a country should have access to relevant information on how public resources are raised and spent, opportunities to contribute to policy decisions that affect their livelihoods and futures, and assurance of robust budget oversight by independent well-informed legislatures and audit institutions.

Open Budget Survey is one of the international mechanisms to measure transparency of government budgets and expenditures. IDEAS Malaysia is the leading local civil society partner in Malaysia providing research and inputs towards this survey. For 2019 survey, Malaysia scores 47/100 and lags behind it’s ASEAN neighbours.

Implementing Partners

IDEAS Malaysia

The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) is a nonprofit research institute based in Malaysia dedicated to promoting solutions to public policy challenges.

Focal Points

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Sri Murniati

IDEAS Malaysia

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Jeffrey Phang




2019 Open Budget Survey - Malaysia

Opening Budgets - IDEAS Malaysia